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The Services to Youth facet is design to equip African-American children to use their intellect and spirit of achievement to indeed walk with their fellows in leading the way.


“LINKing Our Voices and Improving Reading” (LVIR) Initiative

The Brunswick (GA) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, Services to Youth Facet, launched their 2013-2014 “LINKing Our Voices and Improving Reading” (LVIR) program at Altama Elementary School.  This initiative, as part of the “Children Achieving Excellence Links to Success” signature program, provides one-on-one mentoring for elementary school children in an effort to close the achievement gap and also prevent early childhood obesity and promote healthy lifestyle.  The program’s objectives also emphases phonics, reading comprehension and academic vocabulary.  Facet members are committed to meeting with the students at least once a week.

Facet members and community volunteers work collaboratively with a third grade class one-on-one, allowing the mentor and student mentee to read to each other. Facet members will work collectively with the students, and guide them as they answer questions provided through the Accelerated Reader (AR) test. This test allows the monitoring of the students’ progress.  Additional reading materials are provided by the school and the facet.

Our goal for the 2013-2014 school year is to increase the reading level of targeted students by one grade level and /or CRCT scores increased by at least 5/% compared to scores from 2012-2013 school year.  Results of benchmark scores (pre-test and post-test) will be reviewed.  FACET members are launched the LVIR program with students at Mary Lee Clark Elementary School in Camden County (surrounding county).

The facet entered into a partnership with Body by You Fitness Center, a local exercise studio, to provide exercise classes and healthy eating tips to after-school students and mentees enrolled in the LVIR reading program twice a month. This partnership also facilitates an umbrella approach with the Chapter’s Health and Human services facet to bring awareness to the childhood obesity initiative.